Dear friends,

We have started a petition on AVAAZ.ORG to collect signatures demanding the return of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants. Without any personal agendas. Only our love for Famagusta.

We are left ALONE, and alone we must do whatever we can to awaken the world.

I ask each and everyone of you to spend 2 minutes of your time to electronically sign this petition by clicking on the link below.

And please let all your friends know about this petition, so that you may help us get as many signatures as possible. Lets prove to everyone, but firstly to ourselves that WE indeed are demanding our return.



Photos from above

A recent video has appeared, that shows the enclaved city from above, taken by a “drone”. I have captured some images from that video and have “stiched” them together, to form a “panoramic” picture of the Enclaved City of Famagusta, as it was seen by the drone.


The original video shot by a Drone (originally uploaded to youtube by Афанасий Грифонов)


A magical city… A vision…

It’s been 41 years since we were forced out of our homes. 41 years filled with pain, passion, desire to return.

There were many opportunitites to return. All lost in the name of the interest of some.

This time it’s different. This time the Citizens Society has AWAKEN! And WE HAVE A VOICE!



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Σημερα πηγαίνουμε στο Χωριό ΣΤΥΛΛΟΙ 16/148 της Επαρχίας Αμμοχωστου. Οι Στύλλοι ήταν ένα όμορφο κι γραφικό χωριό της επαρχίας Αμμοχώστου και ...
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Άσσια – Άσκια

Ταξιδεύουμε σημερα στην Μεσαορία και στο Χωριό ΑΣΣΙΑ - ΑΣΚΙΑ 15/148 της Επαρχίας Αμμοχωστου. Η Άσκια (Ασσια) είναι μεγάλη αμιγώς ελληνική ...
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Ο Μυριάνθης των ανέμων…

Η ιστορία ενός ανθρώπου που, σε πείσμα των καιρών και κόντρα στις βουλές των πολιτικών, επέστρεψε για να ζήσει όσα ...
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Αρχαιολογικοί Χώροι γύρω από το Χωριό Γρωτήρι Η τοποθεσία αυτή βρίσκεται στα νοτιοανατολικά της Περιστερώνας και πήρε το όνομά της από τη ...
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FACEBOOK without Facebook

Our group began as a Facebook group and thats where all discussions , announcements and events are made.

Recognizing , however, that many fellow citizens and friends of our City neither have nor want to have an account on Facebook, we wanted and we have succeeded “unite” our official website to our page on Facebook.

When you choose “FACEBOOK” from the main menu (http://www.ammoxwstos.com/facebook), you can now see , in real time, all posts made ​​to our group on Facebook, without having account at Facebook!

Joint Holy Liturgy and “Oranges…..Boats of Hope” event

On Sunday 20th March 2016, on Orthodox day a Joint Holy Liturgy took place at the St. George Exorinos church within the medieval walled city of Famagusta, a Liturgy with two bishops, Athanasios of Limassol and Vasilios of Constantia/Famagusta. Many were the church followers, more than 600 Famagusta citizens and others who travelled from all the corners of unoccupied Cyprus in order to be at the church which we operate every month since December 2013. The Holy Liturgy was very emotional all through the Liturgy as well as during the Icon Litani of the Restoration of the Holy Icons. Following the Holy Liturgy ...
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ΒΙΝΤΕΟ από τις διάφορες Δημόσιες Συζητήσεις που διοργανώνουμε

Ακολουθούν Βίντεο από τις διάφορες Δημόσιες Συζητήσεις που διοργανώνει η ομάδα μας είτε αποκλειστικά είτε σε συνεργασία με άλλες ομάδες ή οργανισμούς. (Υπενθυμίζουμε ότι ΟΛΑ τα βίντεο που αναρτώνται από την ομάδα μας μπορείτε να τα βρείτε στη σελίδα: http://www.ammoxwstos.com/video) Τα βίντεο θα παρουσιάζονται σε χρονολογική σειρά, αρχίζοντας από το πιο πρόσφατο πάντα: ...
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Our group becomes bigger day by day reaching today’s  number of over 12,000 members and with a smaller number of about 50 volunteers or so who co-ordinate and act as the core of the group, responsible for each and every organized activity and gathering. The result of this effort is for the group as a whole to be presented as a compact pressure on public opinion and to decision making centers here and abroad. This pressure aims for  the awareness of the society for the case of Famagusta and generally for the need for an Agreed Solution to the Cyprus Problem and ...
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Hope dies last

51 years with many proposals being put down, being discussed, they all come to a crucial point, to a point where decisions have to be taken and then they are rejected and everything has to start from the beginning again. 51 years leaders change, as well as political parties and they all declare that what we want is a solution to the problem of our country, but, we have not yet come to the point to demand the solution itself. It is difficult to step back to what we have today, difficult to step back from what is our vision. Is it ...
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Mappin Interactive Map

Since 41 years ago, Famagustians have scattered all over the globe. Friends never saw each other again, neighbours have not met again… The elderly have gone to other brighter places, their children do not have the memories that they had.

This is what we are trying to change with the MAPPIN Interactive Internet Map application. Our goal is to record the memories, for the grown-ups to remember, the young ones to learn and most importantly: So that neighbours can meet again!

Visit the website MAPPIN, follow the simple registration procedures, and put your own pin on the map, record your own memories! Find your neighbours again !

mappin1 mappin2 mappin3 mappin4