Hope dies last

51 years with many proposals being put down, being discussed, they all come to a crucial point, to a point where decisions have to be taken and then they are rejected and everything has to start from the beginning again.

51 years leaders change, as well as political parties and they all declare that what we want is a solution to the problem of our country, but, we have not yet come to the point to demand the solution itself.

It is difficult to step back to what we have today, difficult to step back from what is our vision. Is it easier though, much easier to let down future generations by bequeathing them half of our country and an issue not being  resolved?

Whoever thinks this way will have us against him. Because we have woken-up. The same way that many of our compatriots on the othe side have woken-up too. Nobody says that this time the situation will be easy. The issues to be resolved are neither less nor easier than before. What is different this time though is that we, the citizens stand up, our hands raised and demand from both sides that


This time, we are determined to see our country REUNITED and all of us (Greek and Turkish Cypriots) living together in PEACE

Difficult turning points? crucial points?Nothing new.

The WILL  of the people this time is given and HOPE IS THE FIRE which will burn any reaction and negativity.

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